Wonderful Wood Work

Wonderful Wood Work specialise in handcrafted and hand painted wooden Furniture, toys and accessories, we are completely customisable and flexible with designs. You name it, we make it.

Hand Crafted

Our handcrafted wooden furniture is designed for comfort, functionality while keeping it elegant. This combination will make you feel at home wherever you are. 


We hand craft unique wooden accessories and toys.


We can customise your furniture to your standards.


Our hand crafted wood work designs are also flexible.

Hand Painted

We hand paint our wooden furniture to meet your needs.

Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

We can craft furniture that can be used indoors or outdoors.

About Our Hand Crafted Wood Work

Some people say that craft is a dying art form. This is our way to keep it alive and pass our craft onto the next generation. We have a passion for working with wood and the aim to unite nature and design in high quality products. We know how to craft durable furniture that will last for years to come as we don’t take any shortcuts.

Unique Craft

Pine wood

Traditionally, pine was used for Colonial, rustic and craftsman style pieces. That is changing, with pine working for a variety of furniture styles, including contemporary pieces. Pine is a shock-resistant material that has a resistance against decay and rot which makes it durable for areas of high foot traffic. This makes pine suitable for furniture

Hand Crafted
Our wood work is all done by hand and inspected through the entire manufacturing process. To deliver you the most unique wooden furniture, toys and accessories. We strive to produce a product that exceeds your expatiations by hand painting the furniture to specifications.

You Dream It

We Make It Happen


No Project Too Big or Too Small

This is the essence of what we do so no matter which one of our wood work services you choose, be reassured that the finished project will meet your needs.

Plan. Design. Create.

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